There was much excitement when it was revealed that our favourite 80’s childhood TV characters, Zig and Zag, were coming back to our screens for a whole new generation.


Returning to RTÉ in an exciting new animation, Zig and Zag, Irish kids will be introduced to the comedy loveable duo while us mums can enjoy the nostalgia of having the aliens from Planet Zog back on our screens.


The animation series will be broadcast each weekday at 5:45pm on the RTÉjr channel, and the whole family can watch the first five episodes exclusively on the RTÉjr App from 10am on Tuesday, 1st March.


Unfortunately, our favourite puppy, Zuppy, won’t be returning nor will we see a reunion of The Den crew, but with a whole host of new characters, kids are sure to fall in love with them just as much as we did.



Not surprisingly, the brothers are just as excited as we are, although Zig admits he gets a bit confused over the fact that they can now watch themselves on the TV.


“Having your own animation series means you can go home and watch yourself on television without being actually in the television…I think? Ow! That’s making my head hurt!" he said at the launch. 


But as Zag added, the best part is being back on RTÉ children's telly, “[our] favourite place in the world.”


And after a cheeky email from the brothers, even the Kasier Chiefs got involved creating the theme tune for the show and the end credits.


The animation series took over FIVE YEARS to complete, and when asked by MummyPages if they plan on creating a second series, Ronan McCabe, Executive producer of Double Z productions said: “Hopefully, as long as it doesn’t take another five years!”


“We first approached RTÉ about this over five years ago and they immediately came on board and offered their support. Creating animation takes lots of time, effort and expense plus a whole lot of perseverance but having RTÉ’s backing in those early stages really helped to get this project on screen,” he said at the launch.


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