Angela O'Connor, mum of 9-year-old Lucy who is currently battling cancer, raised awareness of her daughter's plight recently when she went public about her struggle to obtain a medical card for her little girl.

Commenting on her daughter's circumstances, Angela had said: "This is a life-threatening illness. It is cancer, she has already faced surgery and yet here we are refused a medical card, refused anything really, there is nothing available if you working and paying tax."

Angela appealed the HSE's decision not to grant Lucy a discretionary medical card and today learned that she had not been successful.

Discussing the devastating blow, Lucy's mum said: "Today I received a call to say this appeal has been unsuccessful. This is despite having to submit further medical reports on Lucy's condition."

Having thanked the public for their support at this difficult time, Angela said: "I have been offered at least 50 medical cards from people, fund-raisers, everything. But all we ever wanted was to have her medical expenses covered during this time."

Mum-of-four Angela has urged the HSE to review their procedures.