Your child’s first day at preschool is a huge deal for both of you; they may be nervous about leaving you for the first time and you are likely to be feeling emotional that they are growing up.


While there are sure to be a few tears (probably from you), it should be a happy day; new adventures, friends and excitement await your child – the fun has only just begun!


To make the day run a little smoother and ensure your child is at ease at all times, bear the following tips in mind:


1. Don’t give them a beaker or lunchbox that they can’t open

If possible, have them practise opening and closing their school bag, lunchbox and anything else that has a zip, buttons or clasp.


2. Leave the introduction of any new and ‘strange’ food for another day

Make sure they have their favourite healthy snack and a sandwich that you know they will eat. The last thing you want is your child to go hungry or become upset that they don't like what you gave them. 



3. Tell your child that you will collect them – and don’t be late

Your little one will find comfort in the fact that you will be there when school is finished, but it is VITAL that you are not late to pick them up. Every single second can feel like an hour to your tot and you don’t want them getting upset.


4. Don’t linger around saying goodbye

Avoid long drawn out goodbyes which can make your child feel more nervous about you leaving. A kiss, a hug and a reassurance that you will collect them after is all that is needed, and then leave. If you are not going to be collecting them, make sure you tell them exactly who will be waiting for them after class.



5. Let the teacher do their job

If your little one starts crying or running after you, let the teacher do their job – it WILL be hard to walk away when they are upset but they will find it harder to settle in if you rush back with open arms. Trust us, your little one will be playing with the sand about ten minutes after you have left.


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