Every student who sits the Leaving Cert will be hoping and praying that they won’t ever have to sit it again so it’s understanding that it can be an extremely difficult decision. However, for many repeating the Leaving Cert will represent the best option open to them.
Deciding whether or not to repeat the Leaving Cert is a huge decision for students and parents and there are many factors to consider including what subjects to repeat and where to repeat the leaving cert.
Choosing subjects
Choosing the right subjects when repeating the Leaving Certificate can increase a student’s chance of achieving their needed points next year. Choosing a new subject may also open students up to the possibility of a different career path.
Choosing where to repeat
Students and parents will need to carefully consider where they want to repeat their Leaving Certificate:
Old school: Many students happily return to their own school to repeat as there is comfort in the familiarity of their surroundings; they know their teachers, they are familiar with the school system and they don’t have to face into a new environment...just yet.
New School: Many students will opt to go to another school to repeat which can be a good thing as it can act as a stepping-stone to third level.
Private College. Other students will choose to study in private colleges, where a structured and proven environment for success can offer reassurance to parents and students alike. However, private colleges will require a substantial financial investment which is something to consider.
Having to repeat the leaving cert may seem like the most daunting decision in the world right now but chances are it will turn out to be the best decision your child ever makes. Your child may not realise it right now but your support will be invaluable when they receive the results they have been dreaming of in 12 months time.