With so many ‘games’ and crazes doing the rounds each year, it’s difficult for us to keep up with what our children are doing, but one father in Australia is trying to do his part for the greater good.


Grieving Garrett Pope has warned parents, guardians and teachers to be vigilant of the so-called ‘choking game’, after his son, Garrett Jr., died while ‘playing’ it.


Garrett was just 11 when he passed away earlier this month after trying out the game, ‘where kids cut off their airwaves just enough to get a sense of euphoria’.



His father took to a local Facebook community page, Concerned Citizens of Indian Land, to share some ‘words of caution’ about the trend drawing kids and teenagers in.


While the family is not certain, they are presuming that Garrett learned about the game from kids at school or in the neighbourhood.


In a bid to prevent any further deaths or injuries, Garrett Sr. wrote: “Please know that his senseless death was not intentional. He took this terrible ‘game’ too far. My family has never felt pain like this before, and we don’t [want] anyone else to go through what we are going through.”



“Please talk about this with your kids, and do everything you can to prevent a similar tragedy. He was so young and impressionable, he didn’t know what he was doing, and made a terrible mistake. We miss him,” he added.


The post has been shared over a thousand times, with parents everywhere posting messages of support and gratitude for the emotionally-charged warning.


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