It can be a struggle to get little girls to tie back their hair or even brush it into a vaguely presentable style.


If you want to try bribe your little one into doing her hair, these cute Valentines hairstyles are a great place to start. 


She'll be the absolute envy of every other girl in the playground!


1. Heart Pigtails


These look particularly stunning in a vibrant hair colour.


Great for longer hair.



2. Interlocking pigtail and braids


Ok we're not going to lie, this one looks difficult and might require a tiny bit of hair spray to stay in position.


It would be great for a special occasion.



3. Crown heart braid

This one requires patience so better for older girls who will stay in place long enough to get it done!


It requires a tight braid so make sure your daughter knows it might be a little uncomfortable to wear all day.



4. Braided heart     

This one is deceptively simple and the textured messy effect means it doesn't have to be perfect.




5. Topsy tail hearts


Tip: Use small sections of hair to make the hearts, the effect works best this way.




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