Airlines usually have strict policies when it comes to caring for minors travelling unattended, but unfortunately this time a little girl fell through the cracks.
Dad Kiante Butler put his seven-year-old daughter Angelina on a Delta Airlines flight from Cincinnati, Ohio to Houston, Texas so she could visit family.
Airlines are used to children travelling alone in this way and look after them until and verified person comes to collect them.
Unfortunately, the airline released Angelina to someone who had recently been released from prison for kidnapping her – her mother.
Angelina’s mother, Jennifer Lopez, was released from prison in March this year, jailed for kidnapping her daughter in 2008. Jennifer and several accomplices brutally attacked and beat Angelina’s dad Kiante, before kidnapping her and another child.
Jennifer found out her daughter was flying to Houston through her mother, who keeps in contact with Kiante and Angelina, and travelled to the airport to get her.
The airline handed over the little girl despite Jennifer’s name not being on the list of approved guardians.
Kiante had to fly to Houston to go the house where Jennifer was hiding out. It took nine days to get his daughter back, and he was accompanied by a local sheriff’s deputy when he was finally reunited with her.
Delta Airlines are conducting an internal investigation into what happened, stating that their “unaccompanied minor handling protocols are thorough and we will be looking to see if procedures were properly followed in this instance.”