There are certain everyday skills that our children need to learn, and while they may seem simple to us, they can prove very tricky for our unexperienced tots.


One of these vital life skills is tying your shoelaces, and Kirsten Johnson – aka the Unstoppable Mother – wants every parent and child to know that there is a super-easy way to nailing the trick.


Kirsten recently took to her Facebook page to share what she has branded ‘the EASIEST way to teach your kids to tie their shoes’, and it has become a total viral hit.


In the video, she first talks her followers through the steps, then films her son Rylan trying it out, having himself learned just minutes earlier.


Rylan’s on-camera attempt is a total success – just like the video itself, which has clocked up a staggering 5.8 million views!


With hundreds of thousands of shares and likes, and praise from devoted followers in the comment section, it seems every mum needs to check out Kirsten’s video.



“This is awesome, especially for disability children. I will try this with my boys and I’ll show my daughter to see if she’ll like it,” wrote one fellow mum.


What do you think of Kirsten’s method?


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