The beach is a great place to bring your big kid, especially when the sun is shining. However, while it is a great family-friendly place to go, there are a few dangers that parents need to be aware of.
Here's six ways to stay safe on the beach:
Water safety
When you go to the beach, don’t let your little one go near the water on their own, even if they are confident swimmers and you can see them from where you are sitting. Undercurrents can be strong and they can pull your child in within minutes. Make sure you are always beside them and never let them climb rocks anywhere near the water as they could easily slip and fall in.  
Look out for sealife
The sea is an abundance of life and while most will stay away there will be a few who will pop their head up to see what is going on. Sometimes kids can panic if they see something in the water which can lead them to exhaust themselves trying to get out. Make sure you keep an eye on your child and the surrounding water at all times.  
Stay within the flags
On some beaches, the lifeguard may put up two flags indicating the safest area to swim and the area that they are patrolling. Make sure your little one only ever swims between these flags and that you stick with the rules to set a good example.
If your little one is going swimming with their friends make sure that there is a competent lifeguard on duty. Check that the lifeguard flag is up and if it isn’t you might want to considering swimming at another beach.
It is so important your little one is adequately protected from the sun. Dress them in UV protection swimsuits, hats and apply plenty of suncream.
Stay hydrated
When it is hot outside, it is important that your little one stays hydrated, especially if they are running around playing. Make sure you bring plenty of juice cartons and water and if they start to complain of a headache they need to seek shade and drink more fluids.