There is sad news this afternoon, as reports are emerging of a mother who has drowned as she tried to rescue her daughter and her daughter’s friend from the water.


The two girls got into trouble while swimming at Wendt Beach in Lake Erie, New York and the woman, who is the mother of one of the kids, went into the waters to try to rescue them.  


The girls, aged ten and 11, had been playing about 100 yards from shore in extremely rough conditions when they started to get into difficulty. 


A bystander helped the ten-year-old girl back to shore and then told the police that there were two others in difficulty.



Talking to WGRZ, Evans Police Chief Ernie Masullo said that when his officers went into the sea to help, they got into difficulty as well.


“My officers immediately started running and looking up and down the beach. They did notice a young girl bobbing in the water. One of my lieutenants stripped his uniform, stripped his firearm and ran into the water about a 100 yards out and grabbed the girl. He became in trouble and one of my other officers ran in and rescued both of them,"  he said.

According to reports, there were no lifeguards on duty because swimming is not allowed in this particular area.


Our thoughts are with her family at this sad time.