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Can you give me tips on my maternity wardrobe?

At the beginning, you should be able stick to your own clothes for a few weeks even though your body will start to change shape very quickly. It will be gradual but you will know when things are too tight and just not working anymore. When you need to change, this is what you should consider for your maternity wardrobe:
For work – you need 5 outfits that work. 
You will need:
2 x Trousers – black / navy
2 x Leggings - black
3 x Tops – tunic / empire line / flowing
2 x T-Shirt Tops (long and short sleeved)
1 Wrap Dress
This will give you the basic work wardrobe that you need, which you can add to, mix and match and also adjust to more or less formal as the need arises. And remember to accessorise.
If you don’t have a pashmina or wrap in your repertoire – treat yourself today and if you can’t afford to splurge on a real one, pick up a department store copy which will stand you well. If you can afford it, get one in black to go with everything, and one in a bright colour to go with all your black slimming maternity wear!
A maternity suit is great to have if you need it for work – it can be styled differently with tops and scarves, shoes and bags, and it can bring you right through the pregnancy. They’re expensive though as the ones that don’t look like a tent tend to be a boutique purchase. But if you are under pressure to look the part in work, you will definitely get the wear from it so invest early in pregnancy for maximum return.
Remember breathable fabrics – due to your changing body and hormones, pregnant women tend to be hot no matter what the season – when you buy, buy breathable fabric if possible – cotton and jersey. And layering is key so you can adjust to the weather and your good old hormones.
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