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Maternity wear on a budget

No one gets pregnant thinking about clothes, but as the months go by and you start to expand, spending on new clothes becomes inevitable - especially when your jeans are digging into you. Here are a few sure fire tips that will help you when you can’t splurge on an expansive new maternity wardrobe.
Borrow: chances are you have friends who have already been through pregnancy or maybe they are going through it so why not borrow some clothes? Borrowing, swapping and passing garments on can be the solution for all occasions even if they have to be returned at the end.
Buy one special dress: formal occasions can be tough because event at your normal figure, splurging on a one off wear dress is practically sinful. But remember – you are pregnant for almost a year – so you need to treat yourself – chances are you will have something you need to dress for be it a seasonal party (Christmas or summer), a birthday, christening, or communion, there is always something to dress for, and if you buy right – it can work for all seasons with just some minor adjustments and additions.
Steal from his wardrobe - for slouching purposes your other half’s wardrobe is a must for scouting. From jeans to sloppy shirts and T-shirts, to boxers and PJs – these are a cheap (we mean free) and easy way to get started. Of course it might increase heated discussion at home – but if you’re on a budget, it’s definitely the way forward.
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