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Maternity sportwear and swimwear - what are my options?

Gentle exercise is a great way to stay fit and healthy throughout your pregnancy, and if you are used to an active lifestyle, there is no reason to stop completely.  Most of your current sport wear should work just fine – the tops have a built in support (you still wear your maternity bra though) and bottoms will sit well under your bump. No need to splash out on new gear – most of it should bring you right though.
You can also invest in a maternity swim suit which can also see you through your annual holiday as well. One piece swimsuits will generally be the easiest styles to find, with extra stretchy material to cover the bump, if you’re feeling braver, maternity bikinis are an amazing way to showcase your beautiful bump, not to mention your cleavage, with the built in support top.
A sarong is always a good addition to swimwear while on holiday and will be there for you after the baby is born. 
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