Young people from a town in Northern Ireland have been informed of the dangers of taking 'legal highs' after a play was performed in Larne which aims to highlight the risks involved in this activity.

The play, which was called Popping Candy, was used as a way to explain the risks of taking 'legal' drugs.

The topic is of particular importance in the town at the moment as a charity has revealed that the age of those abusing these substances is continuing to slide, with children as young as ten or eleven regularly taking the substances.

Beverly Sharples of Preventing Addiction Larne, said: "The youngest we've had come in is a P7 age child. It was a massive shock even for us."

Beverly is keen to highlight the effect ingesting these legal highs can have on children, saying results include: "Not being able to sleep at night, to paranoia to psychosis in some cases, and suicidal thoughts at the most extreme."

Popping Candy was performed by the Spanner in the Works Theatre Company and aimed to highlight to parents the ease with which children can obtain these legal highs.