These children definitely deserve a medal!


Thanks to the quick thinking of a number of children in Deeside, North Wales, eight puppies who were found in a litter bin have been given a second chance at life.


The "shocking discovery" was made yesterday afternoon and the children who found the animals are being hailed as heroes because the puppies would have died had they been left there.


After discovering the animals, which are thought to be a Staffodshire cross, the kids called a dog warden from Flintshire Country Council who then contacted the RSPCA.

Sadly, the dogs were so young that some of them still had their umbilical cords attached.



Talking about the incident, RSPCA inspector Tim Jones, said: “It is totally unnecessary and these puppies could have died if nobody had heard them. They could not be seen in the bin. They all appeared to be fine but are very young as some of them had their umbilical cords still attached.”


The RSPCA are now appealing to anyone with information to come forward in order to find out who dumped the animals.


It's heartbreaking to read stories of animals being dumped, but thanks to the quick thinking of these kids the puppies will hopefully go on to loving homes.