Yesterday we reported on the tragic shooting that took place at a family barbecue in Detroit, and now reports of a brawl at a birthday party are emerging from Sydney.


According to reports, a fight between the adults started when one man pulled a little girl’s hair in a dispute about play equipment.


However, when a man who was with the little girl’s party group asked why he had done it he was viciously attacked.


Talking about the incident, which happened at the Lollipops Playland and Café in Wetherill Park, one man told 9news: “A person grabbed me and I said, ‘mate I don't want to fight, just don't touch me’. They've pulled my hoodie and they've started attacking me, and they've punched me and dropped me on to the floor. They were jumping on my head and stepping all over me.”



"My kids were screaming, there were kids everywhere. They are traumatised,” he added. Kids were apparently hiding in the jungle gym while the brawl erupted, and reports have said that a seven-year-old girl dialled 000.


Thankfully, no children were injured in the frightening incident and we hope they aren't affected by what they witnessed.