For every student that knows they have the commitment and drive to repeat the Leaving cert, there will be just as many students who simply can’t face repeating. It’s important for parents and students to know that is an acceptable choice also.
Nowadays, it is so easy for students to ‘add-on’ to a Leaving Certificate, outside the official third level system.
The most important thing for both you and your student to do is to inform yourselves and consider all options open to you.
It is vital that you check the validity of any course that your child may be considering.
Find out the following:
  • What qualification can be obtained from the course?
  • Can it be used to gain entry to your child’s desired course the following year?
  • Is it a recognised course?
  • Where have previous students progressed to, in either further education or employment?
This is particularly important for students choosing to complete post-leaving certificate courses, always check the pathway and check with the third level institute in question that they accept this course. It’s also a good idea to check to see what standard is required in order to transfer.
In many cases, students will have to achieve eight distinctions in the eight modules of their post-leaving cert course in order to secure a place on their certificate course at third level. Make sure to check this well in advance as at least then your student will have a clear goal.