A Cork schoolboy has received a lot of praise online for his actions on the soccer field.
When U14 goalkeeper for the Corinthian team, Alan Kelleher, received an injury during a match against Ringmahon Rangers, a teammate raised attention to Alan’s injury by throwing the ball out during the game.
However since it was a handball, the referee had to award a penalty to the opposing team.
Even though the Corinthians were in the lead by 1-0, Ringmahon Rangers' player Adam O'Reilly decided to slowly roll the ball into the keeper's hand, which allowed Corinthians to win the game. 
After sports journalist Denis Hurley tweeted the story, Adam gained great praise  for his actions on the football field.
Cathal Kelleher who is Alan’s brother and the Corinthian's assistant coach said had Adam had "shown a extraordinary sporting gesture".
He went onto to say that Adam was a credit to the Ringmahon club: "It cost them a share of the spoils but their sportsmanship will live long beyond the day's result".