A couple from Nebraska in the US have opened up about their incredible adoption story.
The Groves family have just finished finalising the adoption of their eighth boy, little Zayn who was born in October 2013.
The amazing thing about this family is that Zayn will be joining his seven brothers who were previously adopted by the Groves over the last ten years.
Melissa Groves opened up about the adoptions, saying it all began when her daughter, Autumn, asked Santa for a brother back in 2004, and they proceeded to foster two brothers born to a mum who was addicted to drugs.
They then went on to adopt the boys, and eleven months later were asked would they consider taking on baby Hayden, another boy born to the boy’s biological mum: “Born with a cleft lip, drug exposed, and premature, this little guy had a rough road ahead, and he was as much ours as our other boys; of course we’d accept.”
This situation occurred another five times, and Melissa says many questioned her decision to take in the boys: “I have to admit that it is at this stage of the game, people started to question my sanity, and there were many times I too was amazed and overwhelmed at the twists and turns that our life had begun to take. But there was something within me that truly felt these children needed to be kept together.”
The mum of nine has also said that she holds no animosity towards the boys’ biological mum, saying: “She’s not a bad person. I can’t even imagine the pain that she’s going through.”
Melissa has said she is sharing the incredible story of her family to open people’s minds about the possibilities of adoption.