Nowadays, not only do kids have to deal with the stress of school, there are a few who also have to cope with cyberbullies. And while many of us automatically place the blame on the perpetrator, are they the only ones to blame?


According to a survey commissioned by ESET Ireland and carried out by Amárach Research, the majority of those surveyed, found that ultimately the fault lies with not just the bullies but their parents as well.


Thousands of Irish people took part in the research (591 were parents), and the results were fairly shocking; 33% of the parents surveyed said that it was the parents’ fault with 34% placing blame with the bully.


While they offer easy platforms for the bullies, websites were not seen as being the fault of cyberbullying, with just 10% of the parents surveyed blaming the location.



Again, schools were not the biggest concern with just 5% of all of those surveyed blaming them and most thought that Gardaí were doing enough to prevent it, with just 8% of everyone saying they’re not.


Previous research has shown that while 88% of mums and dads were concerned about their child’s online activity, only 34% actually installed Parental Software.


A survey conducted by the Department for Education in England recently found that cyberbullying is on the rise with one in ten young people having experienced it.


A very serious issue, it is important parents tackle the situation head one whether their child is the instigator or the victim. To know how to handle this type of bullying, click here.