Young brothers Giuliano and Claudiu Stroe have been pumping iron since they were barely out of nappies.
At only nine and seven years old, the boys have the sculpted frames of much older men, by working out for more than two hours every day.
Now their father, 35-year-old bodybuilder Iulian Stroe, wants to move the family from Romania to the UK to find fame and fortune.

The boys can perform stunts that would leave many grown men in tears.
Giuliano, nine, has broken two world records for 90-degree vertical press-ups, and another for holding on to a pole with his body held out horizontally like a human flag.
Claudiu, seven, can already perform handstand press-ups on a bar, and both boys can lift 4kg dumbbells without breaking a sweat.
Their daily workout involves lifting heavy weights to work on their biceps and build up their chest muscles.
The brothers' father now has high hopes of his boys achieving international stardom and netting his family, known as 'The Hercules', fame and fortune.
Iulian said that the family are in financial difficulty following a brief stint in Italy where they tried to make a name for themselves as the Hercules Bodybuilding Family.
Now back in Romania, Iulian said he is making ends meet through scrap metal-dealing.
The boy’s dad and their mum IIeana have been heavily criticised on their YouTube page, with some say they are ‘forcing’ an unhealthy workout on their young boys, but the couple say on many of their videos that those people should keep their thoughts to themselves.