A British father has been left outraged after being brought to court, for refusing to pay a fine imposed upon him for taking his daughter out of school - to attend his own wedding.


According to The Sun, Dean Dixon brought his entire family to Rhodes, Greece last September, to attend his wedding to his partner Ashley.


Mr Dixon is father to 12-year-old Katie, 10-year-old Keira, and seven-year-old Freddie, who were set to serve as bridesmaids and best man, respectively.


While management at Keira and Freddie's Berkshire school agreed to let the children take the holidays during term-time, this wasn't the case for Katie; her school refused to give her permission to take the time off.


Mr Dixon pressed ahead with his plans anyway, bringing all three children with him to Greece for his nuptials.



When the family returned to England, Mr Dixon was slapped with a £60 fine for taking Katie out of school during term-time without permission.


Mr Dixon flat-out refused to pay the fine, and he was subsequently brought to court this week, to answer for it. He is now set to stand trial in July, over the incident.


The father-of-three expressed his frustration to The Sun, reportedly saying: "What was I supposed to do, take two and leave the other behind?


"This was an event where the children's father and stepmother got married, showing commitment to each other and a family."


He went on to brand the legal suit a 'total waste of taxpayers' money'.


It will be interesting to see how this case plays out, particularly in light of Jon Platt's recent landmark legal win.



As many of you will no doubt remember, Jon Platt ended up in a similar situation to Mr Dixon in April 2015, after taking his daughter out of class during term-time without permission. They were going on a family holiday to Florida for seven days.


When Mr Platt returned home, he was presented with an £80 fine. He refused to pay it, and the fine was doubled shortly after.


The matter ended up before the courts in the family's native Isle of Wight courts, where Mr Platt won his case. The judge reportedly found in the father's favour, as his daughter had an excellent school attendance record.


The local authority appealed the decision, and ended up winning that leg of the case. However, when Mr Platt appealed to the High Court, he ended up scoring the final victory.


Despite spending a reported £13,000 on the case, Mr Platt said he was glad he pursued the matter as 'there was an awful lot riding on it' for other parents.


We wonder if that case will have any bearing on Mr Dixon's. We'll keep you updated.