A father from Newport in South Wales has been sentenced to eight months in prison after breaking into his partner's home and stealing their sons' Christmas presents just days before December 25th.

The court heard that 28-year-old Joshua Seivwright stole a Playstation console and games after being told by the children's mother, Katie Thomas, to stay away from the home.

Telling Katie that he'd break into the house if she didn't let him in, the young father proceeded to gain entry through the kitchen window.

Having told Katie: "You've ruined my Christmas, so I'll ruin yours", Seivwright made off with his children's presents which he then sold to Game shop in Newport.

Defending his actions, Seivwright told police that the items were his to sell, but Judge Ian Murphy took a dim view of the father's actions, telling him: "You stole your children's Christmas presents. This was a mean burglary."

Seivwright committed the crime just weeks after being released from prison where he was serving time for a similar offence.