Homework is one of those things that kids simply have to tolerate whether they like it or not. And when you see your little one struggling, us mums will find it hard not to swoop in and try to save the day. 


But it's time to stop, and let the kids do it on their own, and here are 11 reasons why:  


1. You won’t be sitting beside them when they eventually have to sit exams


2. They’ll end up relying on you to do it for them


3. They won’t need to try to figure it out if they know you’ll be there waiting to show them how it’s done


4. You have enough to be doing without doing extra work


5. Your little one will NEVER learn how to tackle tricky questions



6. You learn by doing and your little one won’t learn if you’re doing


7. They do know more than they think – let them use their noggin


8. The curriculum has definitely changed since you’ve been in school – do you even know what they have to do?



9. The teacher won’t be able to spot learning difficulties if you’re constantly pointing out what they have to do


10. They will have a sense of accomplishment when they finally figure out the problem – it’ll build self-esteem!


11. It generally ends in argument: “That’s NOT the way my teacher does it...!”



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