It’s easy for your teen to get a little out of control when it comes to the Debs so here are some tips that parents can share with their young Debutantes before the big night:

No Debs drama allowed!
Make sure that your daughter knows that it’s no big deal if some girl she doesn’t get on with shows up in the same dress or if someone says something behind your back. There should be no bad behaviour, fights or dramas allowed on the big night.
Encourage your child to be proactive
Encourage your son or daughter to ask who they want to go with. Tell them its okay if the answer is no, at least they will know and can focus on coming with a plan B so they won’t be left dateless the night of the Deb’s.
Remind them of their manners
Make sure that your teenager is fully prepped in the art of having good manners at the dinner table. For the boys, make sure they let their date pick her seat first. For the ladies, they should place their dinner napkins on their lap and keep elbows firmly off the table! Set the table at home in advance and instruct them on which knife and fork to use for what course!
Remind them to be polite to parents
Make sure to reaffirm the importance of being polite to their date’s parents. They may be eager to head off and enjoy their night but it’s important that they be polite to them. Greet them politely, shake hands with everyone and smile no matter how many photos are being taken.
Make sure they take the time to have fun! 
Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in the preparations for the Debs, make sure your child knows that the Debs is a celebration and they deserve to enjoy their night.With so much time spent prepping for the Debs, you might have forgotten - the Debs is actually just one big party. Don't let stress or nerves get in the way of a great time.