Learning to tie your shoelaces can be tricky business. Once you crack the code, it’s plain sailing – but most children need that Eureka moment.


If your little one is still waiting for that epiphany, and you will be in Dublin City this coming weekend, then you might want to pop your head into Arnotts.


In possibly the most heart-warming announcement we have heard all week, the renowned department store is running shoelace tying workshops on Saturday, August 19!


The workshops will have a distinctly magical quality, as they are being presented by Fairy Clodagh, from the Irish Fairy Door Company.



From 12pm to 3pm, Fairy Clodagh will be teaching little boys and girls the art of tying shoelaces, in a fun and simple way.


The kids will also get to pose for a photo with Fairy Clodagh, as a sweet keepsake from the special and educational day out.


The workshops will take place in the Basement Level of the store, right by the Childrenswear section, which also houses the new Shoe Department. The perfect chance to pick up those new school shoes, perhaps?


If your little one is finding it tricky to tie their shoelaces, and you’ve tried every hack in the book, this adorable event could be a winner.