A dying mum is desperate to get her smile back so she can leave her two young sons a happy family photograph.
Kelly Murray, 32, has only 12 months to live and has lost half her teeth because of a terminal disease.
The rare condition - Langerham Cell Histiocystosis - has caused the bones in her mouth to disintegrate, leaving her unable to laugh.
The mum wants to create a last family photo for her sons Bradley (10) and Louis (9) before she dies.
Kelly, who is from Chesterfield in the UK saays: “I used to be so confident, but now I never want to pose for pictures with my sons because I have lost most of my teeth.
“I would love some photographs of me and my boys with me smiling and looking happy.
“They would be able to look at them in years to come when I’m not there and remember me like that."
Kelly’s friends Karla Wilkinson and Sherralyn Newton, are determined to raise £3,000 so Kelly can have veneer dentures fitted to give her back her smile and are confident they can do it. 
Karla said, “Kelly is such a brave woman, bringing up her two boys despite the pain she has endured. We just want to put a smile back on her face.”