The autumn might mean darker mornings and shorter evenings but it is also ideal kite-flying season. There is no need to go out and buy one to enjoy though, here are a few really easy ones you can make with your toddler:
1. Plastic bag kite
You can have this one made and ready to fly in less than five minutes. When using plastic bags, make sure your little one is always supervised.
What you’ll need:
1 large plastic shopping bag
Length of twine
  1. Tie the twine between the two handles of the bag.
  2. The wind should gather inside the bag and lift it up to the sky.
2. Traditional kite
This one might take a little more effort than the previous kite, but it will look great.
What you’ll need:
1 A3 piece of coloured paper
2 wooden sticks at least the same length as the paper
1 length of twine
  1. Cut the paper into a diamond shape.
  2. Cut the sticks so that one fits lengthways and the other fits widthways. Secure to the paper. You can do this by piercing a hole in either corner and threading twine through the paper and around the sticks.
  3. Along the shorter stick, tie string from one side to the other.
  4. On this string, tie the flying string to the middle.  
  5. Attach ribbon to all corners of the kite apart from the top one.
3. Paper kite
This is another easy one that will only take about five minutes to do.
What you’ll need:
1 A3 sheet of paper
Various markers
  1. Let your toddler decorate the paper using the markers.
  2. Fold the paper in half lengthways.
  3. On the closed rim, mark a spot about three quarters of the way down on each side.
  4. Fold back the corners to each marked spot. Do this on both sides and secure with a staple
  5. Punch a hole just above the staple and thread your sting through.
image via Pinterest