We recently reported on an internal review being launched within the Texas Rangers police force following footage which appears to depict a police officer striking a heavily pregnant woman, and now, sadly, a story of a child being mistreated by a member of the law has emerged from Israel.


According to reports, an eight-year-old boy was allegedly detained for eight hours without food or water for throwing stones.


President of the UN Security Council Mr. Mansour, describes the youngster interrogation as “a horrifying and traumatic ordeal for a child of any age".


He went on to add: "The arbitrary detention of children under 12 years of age is illegal as they are below the age of criminal responsibility. By arresting children as young as Ahmad, Israel is grossly flouting international standards for the treatment of children, as well as its own legal code."


Ahmad’s father claims his son was asked, “how do you want to die? Do you want to be a martyr?” and his cousin who was arrested alongside the eight-year-old was released a day later.


According to the Telegraph, Israeli officials have said that stone throwing can be deadly after a four-year-old girl died after suffering injuries sustained in a car crash caused by rock throwers.