While we are all for leaving our kids’ wobbly teeth where they are until they fall out naturally, we can’t help but absolutely love how cool this is.


After spending months planning the video, Kelly Starrett finally got to pull his daughter’s loose tooth out with the help of his Millennium Falcon drone (as you do!).


But before he uploaded the video, the father took to Instagram to share a picture of him tying the string to his little girl’s tooth, closely watched by the family dog.


Captioning the photo: "Preparations under way for #milleniumfalcon tooth pull", we couldn’t help but feel nervous for the little girl!



However, we needed have worried, as the video, which was posted directly after the preparation post, hears the little girl shouting: “I love you Chewie!”



We don't think we'll be trying this at home, that's for sure! 


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