For a lot of kids, especially older ones, the thoughts of going back to school can fill them with dread. Whether it’s the idea of getting up early in the morning, feeling apprehensive about a new class or the thoughts of doing homework, back-to-school time can be particularly stressful.
To help mums get their kids excited about back-to-school time, we have compiled a list of helpful tips:
Talk about it
Going back to school is inevitable and ignoring your child’s lack of enthusiasm won’t make it any easier. The best way to get kids excited is to talk about what they are worried about, or what they don’t like about school - this will get it out of their system. For instance, if they are concerned about the amount of homework that they might get, offer solutions about how to ease the pressure or set up a special homework area with all the supplies, that will be at least one thing off their mind.
Organise playdates
Playdates are a great way to remind your little one about the friends that they have in school and how going back to school means going back to play with them. If possible, try to have one friend over to play once a week from now until school starts.
Back to school party
A back-to-school party is a great way to get your little one enthusiastic about going back to school. Invite a few class friends over and have a few pizzas, a movie and some treats. Nothing gets kids more excited than a party.
Buy stationary
New stationary is the one thing that sticks out about back-to-school time. Give your little one some money and bring them shopping to pick out their own stationary. Pop it all into a pencil case and tell them to keep it special for just school time. This way they will have something to look forward to in September.
Discuss after-school activities
Talk to your little one about after-school activities that they would like to get involved in. If possible, try to organise an activity that they have always wanted to do, such as playing basketball, learning a musical instrument or doing art classes. Giving them things to look forward to will go a long way in making them become excited about going back to school.