Professor Tim Birkhead from the University of Sheffield received a letter from eight-year-old Aisha, asking some very interesting questions. 


Admitting her love of owls, the youngster explained that she was involved in a competition called Brainbox which required her to answer questions on animals, and she needed his help. 



"What do reindeer eat? A stingray had a smiley under his body. Is it true that an owl can turn his head round and round?" she wrote. 


"Chameleons camouflage so its predator does not eat it. Do sharks eat angelfish? How fast do owls fly?"



Unfortunately, as she didn't leave a forwarding address he hasn't been able to respond... until now that is. 



Following an online campaign, initiated by Professor Birkhead's colleague Nicola Hemmings, the inquiring youngster was finally located.


And the professor decided her questions warranted a little airtime - so the pair had a bit of a chat on BBC Sheffield. 


But that's not all; the school girl will also get to enjoy a special visit to the Zoological museum in Sheffield. 


"Zoologist of the future!"




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