While social media has a bad reputation sometimes, this is one amazing example of how it can be used for good.


Dad Christopher was upset that his young son, Ollie, was being bullied in school by an overbearing classmate.


In a series of tweets, he explained that the bully tried to ruin Ollie’s enjoyment by saying he had something bigger or better every time Ollie had something to be excited about.


Christopher said the young lad wasn’t even looking forward to his ninth birthday anymore, as the bully told him it wouldn’t be as good as his own.


He decided he had to do something to make Ollie feel better.


“Strange request. Anyone know anyone famous/well known who could send Ollie a positive ninth birthday message?" he wrote on Twitter.



“I would be so grateful, and I appreciate it is an odd request. Just would love someone to tell him he does mean something, and bullying is not (OK)". 


The response to Christopher’s plea was amazing, with movie stars, rappers and Olympic athletes all wishing Ollie a happy birthday.


It even reached as far as Australia, where Russell Crowe offered young Ollie his best wishes. The Gladiator star sent a kind message, saying: “Hey Ollie, heard it was your birthday. Nine years old, eh? Congratulations, Happy Birthday!!”

Grime rapper Stormzy also chimed in to offer his words of support to Ollie, tweeting: “Happy birthday Ollie! You're a lil (sic) legend. Don't watch the bullies, they always end up being the biggest wastemen (sic) later in life.”



Even the England football team sent Ollie a message, offering him an opportunity to come and see them in play in September. That will definitely put a stop to the bully’s bragging!

Among the other celebrities who sent Ollie birthday wishes were Dawn French, Sara Cox, the Manchester City and Arsenal teams, and Olympian race walker Tom Bosworth.


A very grateful Christopher responded to all the kind messages, writing: “Guys this has gone crazy, and I appreciate all the wonderful messages.”


He added that he didn’t want the bully to be identified in any shape or form.


“No names have been mentioned, other than me and my children. I just want to keep it like that. Some people will know the bullies, and I hope they keep names out of this.”



“I started this with no malice and certainly did not expect the reaction it has received.


“I, for one, thank each and every one of you. I will respond as and when I can, I promise. Please just be kind to each other.”


We’d like to wish Ollie a very happy birthday, and we hope he enjoyed all his birthday messages.