When we think of school most of us automatically think desks, blackboards and lots of writing, but not the kids in West Rise Primary School in Eastbourne!


No, the kids at this school learn how to use a bow and arrow and are taken clay pigeon shooting once a year, and it’s all thanks to their head teacher Mike Fairclough.


Appearing on Good Morning Britain this morning, Mike took the opportunity to discuss his unorthodox teaching methods, saying that children need to learn practical skills from an early age.



Talking to Susanna Reid and Ben Shepherd, the head teacher explained: "There's a need for children to engage in activities that involve risk and danger.”


“You don't teach them about crossing a road in a classroom - you take them to a road."


His practical teaching techniques were applauded by many on Twitter, with one saying that he is teaching kids “essential life skills”.



Another lauded his approach by saying that “awareness prevents accidents and misuse” while others called for more schools to “adopt the approach”.





However, others were quick to comment on his sense of style, with one writing: “Too early in the morning for open shirts”.




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