With exams just about over, it is time to start thinking about how your child can celebrate safely. Here are six great tips to ensure your young adult is safe at all times.
Have a party at home
If possible, organise an after-exams party at home. This way you can keep an eye on your child and know that they are safe. For the younger kids, a movie and nibbles is usually enough to satisfy them; however, you may need to be a bit more creative for older children.
Depending on their age, you may or may not provide alcohol at your home party, but this is up to you. However, if anyone under 18 is coming, make sure you tell their parents that alcohol will be supplied.
Drop them and collect them
If possible, try to drop your child to the party and collect them. If you can’t collect them make sure you stay up until they come home.
Know where they are going
Make sure you are fully aware of where your son or daughter is going that evening, no matter their age. If they are going to a house party, check to see if other parents will be there. If the party is unsupervised you may not want your child going there.
Talk to them about being safe
Older kids may be reluctant to listen to you, but it is important you at least try to get the stay safe message in their head. Tell them to stick with friends and to not go off on their own. If they are getting a taxi home, make sure they don’t get in it alone. If needed, have a friend stay over in your house so that they can come home together.
Organise a family dinner
If you are worried about your child going to a party, organise a family dinner instead. Let them choose the restaurant and invite a friend along. This is a good alternative for kids who want to celebrate but are just too young to go out on their own at night.
You child has worked really hard all school year, and while they are excited about celebrating the end of exams, it is important you help them to stay safe.