Kids can be mean, and, unfortunately, they seem to be starting younger and younger these days. While some kids will just take snide remarks and ignore them, others may not be able to simply ignore the cruel things the other kids are saying.
Here are five things you need to say to your child if other kids are being mean.
It’s not your fault
Make sure your child knows that it is not their fault if someone is being mean. It is important they understand that other people can just be cruel and they need to find friends that like them for who they are. It can be more difficult to comfort your child if there is a whole group of people being mean but still, they must understand that it is not their fault.
I love you
Make sure your child knows that you love them. This way they will always know that they can come home to you and be secure in the feeling that they can tell you their problems and feel like you can help them. Being taunted and feeling alone are frightening feelings for your little one, so make sure you give them the security they need at home to stand up tall in school.
Tell the teacher
Unfortunately, while your little one may feel secure at home, when it comes to school they need to have an adult on their side who is familiar with the situation. Encourage your little one to tell a teacher or grown up that the other kids are being mean and nasty. Not only for your little one, but to encourage the mean kids to understand that their behaviour is not accepted.
Be yourself
Encourage your little one to be themselves. A lot of bullying can be based on clothes or interests. Make sure your youngster does not give up their dreams just to fit in. If the other kids are bullying because of appearance make sure your little one has the confidence to take what they say on the chin and to be able to just brush it off. Tell them they are beautiful and offer praise when they get involved in things that they love.
Don’t bully back
Whatever your child does, make sure they don’t resort to bullying tactics. If someone is mean to them or calls them name, make sure your little one doesn’t resort to calling them names as well. Encourage them to walk away when someone is being mean and to tell an adult. Never let them lower themselves to their bullies level. Tell them to stand tall and to just walk away. Teach them to be the bigger person.