Irish homework can be just as testing for the parent as it can for the child, but the good news is that it doesn’t have to be.
Even if you don’t have a word of Irish, you can still help your child learn the language and guide them through any school projects.
To help you get started, here are five easy tips for you to follow.
1. Irish playgroups
Irish playgroups for young children are becoming more and more popular, and they are hugely beneficial for helping your child get a good grasp of the language. To find out if there is a playgroup happening near you, ask your child’s teacher or check out Tús Maith.    
2. Cúla4
It is understandable for a child to feel overwhelmed by the idea of learning a language, but this can make homework time extremely difficult. The best way to remove all fear is to introduce Irish to your child in a fun way.
Cúla4 on TG4 has a variety of cartoons and shows that your child will love. If a child can relate to a language, they will enjoy it so much more, and Cúla4 is the ideal way to do this.    
3. Create your own games
Devise games that you can play with your child. A good idea would be to get a map of Ireland that contains the Irish names of each county. Go through the map together and then test each other on the different names.
Topics such as place names are guaranteed to come up at some point during your child’s schooling, so don’t wait until your child has to learn it, start now and let them take their time.
You can find a variety of Irish posters on websites such as Litríocht and Siopa Gaeilge.
4. Read
Each evening, make a point of sitting down with your child and reading a book that contains common Irish words and sentences. Engage in the story and ask them questions about what the different words mean. Take note of certain words, and at the end of each week, use flashcards to test them on those words.
For added incentive, promise them a small reward if they get a certain number of words correct.  
5. Is Féidir Liom
Is Féidir Liom is a wonderful website created for parents who want to help their children learn Irish. It was founded by former teacher Seamus O’Neill, and contains a variety of helpful resources. The website provides a free and super easy course designed to help parents learn the basics of Irish so that they in turn can help their children with their Irish schoolwork.
If you are really struggling, share your concerns with your child’s teacher. They may be able to recommend local Irish playgroups you can attend with your son or daughter.     
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