We are all aware of the importance of teaching our children to cross the road safely and an incident in Lincolnshire has highlighted just how vital it is.


Eight-year-old Ella Meggison was pulled to safety by a woman after she was hit by a bus while crossing a level crossing on Lincoln High Street.


Ella's father, Michael Meggison, who was a few feet behind her in the queue watched on helplessly as his little girl was hit, before she was pulled out of even more danger by a stranger.


"The barriers had just gone up. She's never been across a level crossing before. As the barriers came up she was three or four yards in front of the bus. I could see the impact. I couldn't get to her. Thankfully there was a lady to the side of her. It all happened that quick,” the girl’s father explained.



Unfortunately the driver didn’t noticed what had happened and Michael had to chase after him and bang in the window. 


"When she got knocked to the ground the bus carried on. The driver didn't know he'd hit her. When I knocked on the bus it stopped. It wasn't moving fast. I had to tell him he'd hit my daughter."


"A little girl was just on the kerb, she literally just went under the front of the bus. The driver couldn't see her. It wouldn't have stopped if someone hadn't banged on the side of the bus to stop. It was terrifying to see she literally went under,"an eyewitness told the Lincolnshire Echo.


Thankfully, it is being reported that the young girl is doing well and while she hurt her back she has no other injuries.