An incredibly resourceful and brave young boy delivered his baby brother when his mum went into labour early at 34 weeks.


Jayden Fontenot, 10, sprang into action when mum Ashly Moreau went into labour early.


On August 11, Ashly was at home with Jayden and her 11-month-old daughter. Her fiancé had already left for work.


Ashly went to the bathroom, and realised her waters had broken and she was going into labour prematurely.


According to The Independent, Ashly called Jayden to come to the bathroom, and the young boy arrived to find his mum bleeding and the baby’s feet emerging in breech position.


Jayden sprinted to his grandmother’s house nearby for help, and she alerted emergency services. However, as she was recovering from surgery, she couldn’t get to Ashly’s house.



The brave youngster returned home, where Ashly informed him: "You're going to have to deliver your brother, and we have to do it fast, because the baby's feet are turning blue and he can't breathe."


The young boy replied calmly: “OK, Mom. Just tell me what I need to do, and I’m going to do it.”


Ashly said her son didn’t even appear scared; instead, he was calm and brave in the face of a crisis.


Jayden held the baby's legs while Ashly pushed, and together they delivered a baby boy within minutes.


However, the little boy wasn’t breathing. Jayden ran to the kitchen to fetch a nasal aspirator and helped to clear the little boy’s airways.



Thankfully, an ambulance arrived soon after to take Ashly and the baby to hospital. The baby, whom Ashly named Daxx, is doing well, despite his early arrival.


Daxx has since been released from hospital, and doctors say Jayden’s actions saved both his little brother and his mother from dying.


Ashly is incredibly proud of young Jayden for his quick thinking and bravery. “I’m so proud of him,” she said. “He is brave, he is strong, he is my hero.”


The little boy was recently honoured by the local mayor of his hometown of Sulphur, Louisiana. He received the freedom of the city for his heroic actions, and August 11 was named after him. 


What an incredible little boy – Daxx certainly has the best big brother to look up to and admire.