Mum Ashley Williams was contacted by Homeland Security in January and informed that they had discovered 83 photos of her daughter on a pornographic Russian website.

Officials who had been monitoring the site then informed the shocked mum that they could attribute the uploads to a 32-year-old man who happened to be a friend of the Willliams family.

The photos which were not pornographic in nature were posted to the site by Christopher Madill from Phoenix who claimed he was the young girl's father.

Speaking on television following the horrifying discovery, Ashley said: "He told everybody that he was her father and that he got to molest her every single day."

Commenting on the fact that Madill boasted to paedophiles who used the site in question that he had abused Ashley's daughter, the devastated mum said: "He took the innocence and made it something disgusting. What I want to happen to him is not really nice. But, I want the justice system. I want him to stay in jail."

Madill, who has been indicted on five counts of sexual exploitation, is due to be arraigned next Monday.