Non-uniformed schools can be either a positive or negative experience for mum - on the one hand you don’t have to fork out a fortune for uniforms, but, on the other hand your child may want to keep up with trends which can be even more expensive.
Whether you are for or against uniforms, if your child goes to a non-uniformed school there are ways to make the process a lot easier.
Make your own uniform
We don’t necessary mean you have to go out and buy a number of outfits, instead, set aside certain ones that are designated for when your child goes to school. This way, the washing will be kept to a minimum and looking for a school outfit won’t be a huge struggle for you or your child each evening or morning.
Make sure it is appropriate
Without having the structure of a uniform, kids can sometimes go a little crazy when it comes to deciding on an outfit. Make sure their outfit choice is appropriate for what they are doing that day, for instance, if they have P.E. or sports on that day wearing jeans and a jumper wouldn’t work. Make sure your child knows that it is school they are attending, so avoid off the shoulder tops and ones that show off the midriff.
Check the school policy
Even though they don’t have a uniform, it doesn’t mean the school doesn’t have a dress code. At the start of each year, read the school’s policy on clothing – they are likely to not allow certain styles or outfits, so it is important you stay up-to-date so that your little one is suitably dressed each day.
Have school shoes and runners
Invest in a good pair of school shoes and runners and just keep them for school time. This will ensure that there is a difference between what they wear at the weekend and what they wear during the day. 
Decide the night before 
Have your child decide the night before what they want to wear. This will save tears and tantrums in the morning when they can't find a certain top or jumper.
A school without a uniform is a great way to allow kids to be creative and show off their personality in their attire. But, as their parent, it is important you ensure they adhere to the school’s dress code at all times.