The closer your teen is to the exam finish line, the harder it can be for them to focus and want to stay inside their study space. One way to help your child to get through the last and often hardest days of their exams, is by ensuring that they have the perfect environment to study in.
Eliminate Distractions
Exams are often associated with hot sunny weather, which of course makes it harder for your teen to stay inside and focus on their exams. So some light blinds can stop your child from staring constantly out the window but don’t invest in blackout ones, as natural light is more effective than a lampshade for your child’s focus and headspace.
Take away their phones
A point that should be on its own, your teen will be constantly tempted to check their phone, so the only way to ensure that they stay focused on their academic work is by taking it away altogether. That way your teen won’t be tempted to go on their various social network sites or try to contact their friends.
Some teens prefer complete silence to study, while for others music can help them focus on their work. If your teen really needs to listen to music to study make sure they use their earphones, as blaring out their favourite tunes through a stereo will cause a distraction, even if they don’t think so. It’s a good idea for your teen to pick songs that will help them focus and stay motivated, but in majority of cases earplugs are more effective for your teen's study than listening to music.
Schedule breaks
It’s important that your child takes their regular breaks away from their study environment, so they can associate it with a place to work and not somewhere to relax. One way to achieve this is through scheduling breaks. This can be a lot harder to do, especially if your child’s exams are on at unusual times but it’s still essential that they keep to their schedule. You can help your teen stay on track by reminding them of their end goals and how close they're to the exam finish line.
Clean space
If your teen has all of sudden started cleaning their room, they probably found another way to delay the inevitable task of studying. While your teen shouldn’t spend hours cleaning, it’s still important that their work space is a clean one. So while it doesn’t have to be perfect, if your teen’s room is clean and organised it will be a lot easier for them to stay focused on the subjects ahead.