Homework is an important part of school life as it reinforces lessons taught during the day and is particularly important for maths and critical thinking skills.
Some mums are lucky and don't have a problem getting their child to do their homework, but for others it can become a daily chore. 
Here are six hassle free homework tips:
1. After school, sit them down with a snack and gently remind them they will be starting their homework soon. Get them to start at the same time every day and they will be less likely to resist.
2. Have a designated homework area with a desk, chair and pens. Turn off the TV and let them know there will be plenty of time for fun after.  
3. For younger children ensure they are sticking to the recommended homework time, if not talk to the teacher and they might offer a solution.
4. It’s important that they do the work themselves so don’t give them answers when they get stuck. Offer lots of encouragement and ask your child to let you know what interesting facts they are learning.   
5. When they are finished reward them with something simple. This will act as a great incentive to get their work done.
6. Studying is hard work and young children have less of a need to study than older children. For children over the age of 15, two hours of study per night is about right. Encourage them to study but don’t force    them.