Most mums love snuggling up with their little one for reading time.
They never seems to tire of their favourite book, no matter how many times you read it to them and the look on their little faces when you get to the part they love, is simply priceless.
Reading to your child before they start school is not only a lovely bonding activity but is also very important for their development.
Here are a few ways to make reading time even more fun for your little bookworm.
Read every day, even if you only have a few minutes. This teaches your child that daily reading is an important part of each day. This also sets a routine, creating a special time of day your little one can look forward to.
Create a cosy place to read together. It can be a special chair, or even a cosy little pile of pillows and blankets. Your child will associate this mini-wonderland the both of you share with how fun reading can be.
Let your child help you choose what book to read. This will help you keep your child’s interest, and make him feel important. Make a big deal about it, complement your child on their book choice and let them know that you couldn’t have done it without them.
Change your voice to go with the characters and the action. You don’t have to be the best actor in the world, but give it a bash! You might just find your inner-Oscar winner coming out and your little one will love your efforts!
After you read the book, talk about the story. Go back and look at the pictures again and talk about what happened. Point out any hard words to see if your child can figure out what they mean by looking at the surrounding words and pictures.
Vary the genres that you read. Mix fiction and nonfiction. A child’s future favourite book might be in a genre he has not yet experienced!
Talk about the cover. Have your child guess what the book is about. Who are the characters? What is the title? Who is the author? Have you read books by this author before? Have you seen this illustrator before? This will get your child even more involved in reading time.