Studying is often the last thing your teen wants to do, no matter how close their exams are. Here are few ways that you can make the task of studying a little easier for your teen and maybe even fun too:
Perfect environment
Your teen’s environment plays an important role when it comes to motivating them to study. Whether your teen likes to be near a group or needs the privacy of their own room, the perfect study environment is essential in order to help them to focus on the exams ahead.
Group study session
A group study session can be a welcome relief for your teen, especially if they’ve been studying by themselves for quite a while. It’s still a good idea to set a few ground rules, not only to ensure that your teen and their friends are focused on their subjects and not by other distractions.
If they have some of their favourite snacks by their side, it will not only help stave off hunger but distractions too. 
Positive mood
It’s hard for your teen to be in a positive mindframe when starting off a long studying session. But by having a conversation with your teen about something fun or cracking a funny joke will not only put them in an upbeat mood, but also help them focus more when it comes to study.
Card games
Constantly highlighting and rereading topics is sometimes not an affective study method and in the long run can make it harder for your teen to focus. You can help your teen memorize certain subjects by writing a few topics on index cards and then quizzing your child as if they’re on a quiz show. This is not only fun, but a great way of jogging your teen’s memory before any upcoming exams.
Study breaks
Make sure your teen makes the most of their study breaks by doing something they enjoy during that time.They should reward themselves after some successful hours of study, by either contacting some friends or watching their favourite programme for half an hour. Study breaks are not only necessary for your teen's mental health but can be a great motivation for your teen when it comes to revising.