A number of children were asked if Santa would be able to do as good a job if he was a woman, and the answers these kids give prove gender stereotypes are alive and well.


The film was done as a social experiment by Anomaly to encourage parents to talk about gender equality, and with the majority saying that Mrs Claus couldn’t do a good job, it’s clearly important we tackle it.


"We tested the idea by asking my kids, and their answers were uncomfortably surprising. What started as a bit of elfish fun about one issue, surfaced another: who and what are shaping our children's gender perceptions," said Stuart Smith, Anomaly partner and chief strategy officer.


However, while a number were quick to say that “she would get a headache” or “it’ll be too heavy for a lady”, there were a few children who gave us hope for the future.


One answer in particular made us breathe a sigh of relief: "Yes, because girls aren't any different to boys."