There are huge concerns about IKEA’s safety record as it issues its fourth worldwide recall for a children’s product since the start of the year.
The latest product to be taken off the market is the GUNGGUNG swing, an indoor and outdoor swing for kids aged 3-7.
The swing has been recalled after four reports worldwide of the fittings breaking during use, one incident causing a child to fracture their leg.
Anyone who has bought this swing should return it to IKEA for a full refund. The shop has assured customers that they don’t need the receipt.
This comes after two products were recalled in the spring due to strangulation hazards. Several wall mounted lamps for children were pulled off the shelves after a toddler died when they were strangled by the cord.
A line of bed canopies for children were recalled for similar reasons in March, though thankfully there were no serious injuries before the products were removed from sale.
This came just weeks after a children’s bed was found to have a defective metal rod which could break, leaving a sharp edge.