Brain Tumour Awareness Month takes place throughout March, and Finlay Church’s parents have released a letter written by their young son before he passed away in November to mark the start of the campaign. 


Finlay Church was just 11-years-old when he lost his battle with a brain tumour, but not before he raised thousands of pounds for Brain Tumour Research and Birmingham Children’s Hospital, was crowned Child of Courage at the Pride of Birmingham Awards 2015 and broke a Guinness World Record.


Finlay bravely battled the disease for 17 months, and four days before he died he dictated this letter to his auntie Claire Whitehead, where he tried to convey his feelings to his family.


The youngster passed away on Wednesday, 25th November 2015 and his parents, Penny and Wayne, who are working with Brain Tumour Research during their awareness month, have now shared his letter to mark the start of Brain Tumour Awareness Month,



“As Fin took the final steps of this terrible journey there was much that remained unsaid. He couldn’t talk about dying but did find his voice by dictating the letter to his Auntie Claire, who listened and wrote down his words. In this way, Fin told us how much he loved us. He was able to say that he was scared of the cancer and spoke about how it had changed his life in good ways as well as bad,” Penny explained to ITV


Such a brave and truly inspirational young boy, our thoughts are with his family at this heartbreaking time. 


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