Child model Cameron Lynch had been booked to appear on TV3’s Ireland AM yesterday, but a savage attack by a dog put him in hospital instead.
The 10-year-old was playing with friends near his grandmother’s house in Dublin when a husky viciously attacked the boy, causing severe injuries to his face.
He was rushed to Temple Street Children’s Hospital for emergency surgery. Doctors say Cameron was lucky not to lose an eye.
“The doctors said that if one of the cuts was half a centimetre higher, his eye would be gone,” said Jacqueline Lynch, Cameron’s mum.
Jacqueline told reporters that Cameron was in a lot of pain, but recovering at home after getting 50 stitches. He will have to return to hospital on Monday to have the stitches removed.
Jacqueline has warned parents to be careful about allowing dogs and other pets around their children, particularly as the husky that attacked her son had no history of aggression.
“They are animals at the end of the day and we don’t know what they are thinking, that dog had never done anything like that before,” the shaken mum said.
The husky was put down following the attack.