A six-year-old girl called Charlie Tillotson has been nicknamed the “Real Life Rapunzel” after she vowed to cut off all her beautiful blonde hair after watching a documentary about children with cancer. 
Her dad Steve explains the moment she informed him of her decision: “She came up to me a couple of weeks later and said, 'Daddy, would you mind if I had all my hair cut off for children with cancer?' I welled up.”
Charlie cut her hair on July 14th and donated her hair to the Little Princess Trust, an organisation that makes wigs for sick kids who have lost their hair. Her dad says the cut went really well:
“She was nervous before but looking forward to it as well. She knew where the hair's going—she wants another little girl to feel like a princess.”
Charlie’s family have set up a website to help raise funds for children with cancer, and so far they’ve raised $2,260:
“She is ecstatic with how much she has raised, she didn't even think she'd get £500. She is going to grow it back—maybe in 10 years' time she'll cut it off again.”